Indiana Arrival

Another CAS shelter installed in Indiana. This CAS 8’ x 16’ 9001 series shelter features a full aluminum roof deck and an aluminum staircase. The shelter will be utilized to monitor particulate in ambient air.

Palm Beach

CAS has built, delivered and installed a 9001 series monitoring shelter for yet another customer in Florida! This shelter features a rooftop platform, ladder and telescopic Met tower.
Click here for more on the 9001 series shelters. 

Delivered: A New Turn-key Mobile Odorization System

CAS has delivered a new turn-key Mobile Odorization System to a large gas transmission customer. The system features a 21′ enclosed trailer with shore and solar power options, an on board, 100-gallon odorant tank, a dual-pump injection system and multiple safety features like LEL sensors and a gas detection system.

Air Quality Monitoring Station sent to Jamaica

CAS recently designed, manufactured and integrated a Turn-Key Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station that was sent to the country of Jamaica. This station consists of a CAS 9001 Series Shelter mounted to a trailer for transport. The Station is integrated with instrumentation to measure NOx, SO2 and O3. The station was also equipped with a detachable meteorological tower for meteorological measurements.

9001 Series Shelter Mounted to Trailer
9001 Series Shelter Out for Delivery

CAS Shelter Delivered to the Northeast

CAS recently delivered a 9001 Series Shelter to an air quality agency in the Northeastern United States. This shelter is equipped with the CAS electric jack system that allows for the shelter to be safely raised off the ground and attached to a trailer for transport. For more information on this or other style CAS shelters please contact the CAS sales team.

CAS jack system allows for the shelter to be safely lifted off the ground

Inaugural Technical Training

CAS hosted our Inaugural Technical Training on January 10-13, 2017. Training topics included Ambient Air Quality Monitoring and Natural Gas Measurement Techniques. The training was attended by groups from Latin America, South America, and Europe. Thank you to all who attended. Stay tuned for more information on Technical Training.


CAS Opens Technical Training Center

CAS is proud to announce the opening of our new Technical Training Center! The CAS Technical Training Center is equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment and has the capacity to host groups of up to 50. CAS will be hosting training throughout the year on such topics as:

  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station Design
  • Ambient Air Quality Instrumentation
  • Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations (PAMS)
  • Natural Gas Odorization
  • Sulfur Speciation

Contact CAS today to inquire about the CAS Technical Training Center.


Industrial Shelter Installed

We recently manufactured and installed a CAS 9005 Series Industrial Shelter at a natural gas facility.  This shelter is a combination building that contains separate compartments for Analytical, Odorization and RTU.  For more information on the 9005 Series or our other series of shelters please visit the shelter webpage, give us a call at 513-542-1200 or contact us via email at

Crane off-load of 9005 Series Industrial Shelter