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Near Road NO2 Monitoring

When setting up a Near-Road Monitoring Station, the SAFETY of the staff working at the site needs to be the first priority. Working next to a busy highway with vehicles traveling at speeds exceeding 55mph can be challenging if not downright scary! With that in mind CAS has designed a system that provides the best protection for on-site staff, while maintaining instrument optimization and LEED design principals.


When designing your Near-Road system the first thing to consider is the shelter or enclosure to house the measurement system. We all know that placing sensitive scientific equipment next to a busy highway can be challenging. CAS recommends using our most rugged design for the Near-Road application. The CAS shelters provide the optimal environment for sensitive instrumentation. Using a recycled sea shipping container shell the shelter provides maximum safety, security and strength to withstand the Near-Road environment.

Integration / System Design

Simply select your instrumentation and let CAS do the rest. From site development to integration and training CAS can help at every step of the Near-Road process. Using a turn-key approach when purchasing can save the end-user up to 42% when compared to purchasing all components individually. Once the system has been built and integrated it’s as easy as offloading and connecting power.

Standard Specifications

  • 8’x20’ Sea shipping container shelter.
  • FRP interior wall covering.
  • Seamless vinyl flooring.
  • R-25 Equivalent Insulation.
  • 1 ton HV AC programmable.
  • Workbench.
  • Storage area.

Shipping Container

Shipping containers are manufactured in accordance with:
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • ISO – 1CC type steel dry containers.
  • International Maritime Organization (IMO).
  • International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) 1972-2007.
  • CSC Article IV(2).
  • Robust.
  • Weather-tite.
  • Manufactured with recycled material.
  • Standard 36” side door.
  • Double doors storage area.
  • Paint Color (selectable).

HVAC System

  • Self-contained heating and cooling system.
  • 1.0 Ton (10,800Btu) with 3kW heating capacity.
  • 1.5 Ton (18,000Btu) with 5kW heating capacity (optional).
  • 2.0 Ton (24,000Btu) with 5kW heating capacity (optional).
  • Aluminum Finned Copper Coils.
  • Quiet Twin Blowers.
  • High Efficiency Rotary Compressor.
  • Green Refrigerant – R-410A Refrigerant-non ozone.
  • depleting (HFC).
  • Galvanized zinc coated steel enclosure.
  • Automatic Condensate Disposal System.
  • Programmable Thermostat with auto-switch over.
  • Programmable HVAC Control Center with alarm outputs.
  • (Lag/Lead Controller) (optional).

Aditional Options

  • Mount for mast directly on container.
  • Telescoping Mast.
  • Pneumatic Telescoping Mast.
  • Windows.
  • Exit lights.
  • Gas Bottle Mounts.
  • Roof Access Stairs (optional).
  • Internal Roof Access Hatch w/ Stairs (optional).
  • Anti-climb protective cover (external ladder only) (optional) Roof penetrations (selectable) (optional).

Interior Features

  • 8’x12’ control room w/ 8’x8’ storage area.
  • 8’x16’ control room w/ 8’x4’ storage area (optional).
  • 8’x20’ control room w/ no storage area (optional).
  • Client customized control room and storage area.
  • available upon request (optional).
  • Seamless Vinyl Flooring.
  • 8’ workbench.
  • Instrument Rack.
  • Sampling Manifold (optional).
  • Exhaust Manifold (optional).
  • FRP finish interior walls.
  • R-25 Equivalent Insulation.

Elecrical System

  • Electrical System meets or exceeds NEC Regulations.
  • Premium SquareD Electrical Components (major.
  • components).
  • 100A 120/240V 1PH Electrical System.
  • 100A 120/240V 1PH Load Center, 20 circuit capacity, surface mount.
  • 100A 120/240V 1PH External Disconnect Box, NEMA.
  • 3R.
  • Metal Electrical Raceway, Surface Mount.
  • Fluorescent Light Fixtures, 2 bulb, T8.
  • LED Light Fixtures, 2 bulb, T8 (optional).
  • Motion Sensor Flood Lights (optional).
  • High Pressure Sodium Flood Lights (optional).
  • Internal 120V 20A Duplex Outlets.
  • Internal 240V 20A Outlets (optional).
  • External 120V 20A Outlets (optional).
  • >100A, 3PH, Transformers, Switches, Panel Boards, Power Conditioners (optional).
  • Off the grid systems (optional).