9001 Series Shelter

CAS 9001 Series Field Laboratories

CAS 9001 Series Shelters are built for the most demanding applications  and climates.  CAS recognizes that every customer is unique.  Our Field Laboratories can be sized  to fit your needs. CAS utilizes premium products and materials when manufacturing your 9001 Series Shelter.  Adhering to the strictest manufacturing practices we can guarantee that we will exceed your expectations.

Why CAS?

Instrumentation manufacturers require that their instrumentation be operated in an environment that does not bias measurement.

What to look for?

  • Temperature stability
  • Temperature deviation +/- 1.5 ⁰C

Materials of construction

  • Low VOC emitting materials
  • Non-static forming flooring
  • Non-rusting components

Flexibility in layout / Ease of expansion

  • Surface mounted electrical raceway
  • Studless wall construction

Premium Components

  • Square D electrical components
  • Bard HVAC Units
  • Speed Rail

The shelters are fully customizable to suit your monitoring needs, featuring such options as:

  • Fully walkable roof decks
  • Met Tower attached directly to shelter, no need for a pad.
  • Stairs or ladder
  • Equipment brackets
  • Storage area for gas bottles
  • Equipment Racks
  • Pump cabinets to reduce heat, noise and vibration