Natural Gas

CAS is proud to offer Gas Chromatographs (GC) for continuous monitoring of Sulfur compounds in fuel and process gas. Utilizing real-time GC technology, this platform is fully autonomous, incorporating advanced techniques and state of the art instrumentation. The instrument is designed for industrial applications and requires very low maintenance. Over the past two decades, the CAS supplied field GCs have been thoroughly evaluated in various locations against current standards to show conformity. In addition to sulfur compounds and VOCs, real-time GC monitoring systems are capable of measuring Odorant Level, Gas Impurity and Industrial Emissions.


Mercaptan Measurement

The EnergyMedor is the field deployable platform for the direct identification of Mercaptans and Sulfur in Natural Gas. Read More


H2S / TS

The H2S/TS GC is the field deployable platform for users needing a solution to high time resolution data for the monitoring of H2S, TS. Read More


Turn-Key Systems

8'x12" Odorization and Instrumentation Building
All of CAS’s Turn-Key Systems are designed with specific application and instrument optimization in mind. CAS understands that initial system setup is the most important aspect of running a successful system. Our trained staff has the knowledge and experience to properly design and integrate your system. Read More