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Airmozone (PAMS)

The Airmozone utilizes the airmoVOC C2-C6 and an airmoVOC C6-C12 with FID GC/FID for 88 compounds in ambient air. By combining those two instruments, it is possible to analyze light and heavy VOC compounds.


Using a FID detector and H2 as the carrier gas, the separation and sensitivity is excellent down to PPT levels. The equipment has TUV approval on BTEX. The Instruments are being calibrated with primary gas standard certified at ±2%. There are no interferences on the 10 compounds which can potentially interfere with benzene in compliance with EN 14 662-3 (List of the 10 potential interfering compounds with Benzene). The analyzer is LINEAR: range 0 / 100 ppb (0/325 µg/m3) (see doc airmoBTX / airmoVOC C6-C12, Linearity and repeatability Test). The instruments are fully automated thanks to internal calibration (airmoCAL). The VISTACHROM software controls the analyzers and enables storage and display of the chromatograms thanks to Peak Viewer. It is possible to transfer data to a data logger with the communication protocols MODBUS RTU, JBUS or German PROTOCOL. The airmozone is the solution for in situ VOC analysis.