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The CAS 9001 series infrastructure can be built specifically to the customer’s needs. Whether size, analytical requirements or hazardous area classification dictates your project, as this series of shelter provides the most flexibility when site-specific requirements are driving a project. 9001 series units are built to your needs, meeting, and exceeding NFPA/NEC requirements from general purpose locations to hazardous area classified locations. The 9001 series infrastructure can be configured with your preferred instrumentation, tubed, and wired specific to your requirements. Whether you need odorization, analytical, RTU, regulation or other appliances, this infrastructure will meet your needs. The 9001 series infrastructure meets all applicable building codes nationally and can be provided with Professional Engineer stamped drawings specific to your region. CAS has designed these shelters for the most challenging conditions from the strict hurricane requirements in Florida, to the seismic requirements of California, all the way to the North Slope of Alaska